About us

Shay & Stefanos climbing 3 IMG_6448This page is created and maintained by Stefanos and Shay. We are a vivacious, unconventional D/s couple with a passion for educating, hosting, performing, and advocating together within the BDSM community.

Shay is a medical professional by day and education director for the SF Citadel and Dark Odyssey: Surrender by night; she is also a prominent self-suspender known for unique, dynamic rigs and prodigious performances. Stefanos is all kink all the time in his professional life as the Producer/Steward of Kink.com’s The Upper Floor and CEO of Bondage-a-Go-Go. We have been bondage educators since 2005 and playing around with restraint for much longer than that! We are compulsive volunteers within the BDSM community, and identify as pansexual polyamorist playsluts (and probably a few other P’s we haven’t thought of yet). You can read more about us on our web site. We can be contacted at stefanos.shay AT gmail.com – we welcome your input/comments!


ROPECRAFT_HAND_LOGO_MainShay will be presenting at ROPECRAFT, a rope bondage event in Chicago!