How to address signs of nerve damage during the scene

As a top, what should you do if your bottom reports numbness, tingling, tightness, or pain? You need to immediately take steps to address it. If the bottom’s symptoms are minor, experienced bondage tops may sometimes address the problem by removing or redirecting tension, shifting ropes, or changing the bottom’s position. A key component of this is making adjustments, then quickly checking back in with the bottom to be sure the problem has resolved.IMG_5606

In the following cases we recommend immediately untying the effected limb:

  • If you or your bottom are beginners with rope
  • If symptoms the bottom reports are severe and/or sudden – “I feel my right arm just went numb.” “I have sharp pains going down my left leg” etc.
  • If initial steps taken (loosening the rope, changing position, etc) don’t resolve the problem
  • Anytime you have any doubt, err on the side of caution and untie.

If untying the limb still doesn’t solve the problem (symptoms are ongoing a few minutes later), stop the scene and begin first aid steps.

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